Sankyo Suisan

  • dried salted fish
  • processed fish
  • delicacy

The company was founded in Osaka's central market. During the war, the owner returned to Kyoto, his grandfather's birthplace, and opened a store in Nishiki Market. Sankyo Suisan wholesales and retails dried swordtip squid, which has been its main product since its Osaka days, as well as salted and dried seafood such as cod roe and chirimen baby sardines, and delicacies such as karasumi (dried salted mullet roe pouch) and konoko (fermented salted sea cucumber intestines). They continue to focus on delivering delicious domestic seafood at affordable prices.

“We have a tremendous commitment to our products. We have various suppliers who call us when they receive good products or when new products are introduced, and this allows us to have a good product lineup,” they say.

There are also some unusual items such as the old-fashioned whale bacon, deep fried whale fat, and salted cod.
Seafood such as sasakarei (flatfish), firefly squid, and amaebi (Alaskan pink shrimp) that are dried overnight make excellent snacks to accompany alcoholic beverages.
Sankyo Suisan
West from Tominokoji-dori on Nishikikoji-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
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