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Kyo meat ship Hiro Nishiki

This is the only restaurant in Kyoto where both take-out and eat-in can be enjoyed. Specialties are the "Beef Toro Aburi-Sushi" and "Steak Stick. Be sure to try the "Grill de Steak," where a professional grills your choice of steak in the showcase in front of you.

  • small goods
  • bento (Japanese box lunch)
  • Beef dishes


"A stationery shop in Nishiki Market?" you may think. The family running it had been greengrocers since the Edo period (1603-1867), had opened a greengrocery store in Nishiki Market during WWII, and 30 years later, the store became a stationery shop because there was no one to take over the greengrocery business. "The slightly retro stationery is surprisingly popular," they say.

  • household goods


This shop has a long history dating back to 1560 when it was originally founded as "Swordsmith Fujiwara Aritsugu." In the shop, an impressively wide variety of knives, pots, and other cooking utensils handmade by skilled craftspeople are lined up as if reflecting the long history of the store. It is supported by a wide range of customers, from top chefs of Kyoto cuisine to ordinary households.

  • cooking gear


The aged signboard on the storefront and the product display stand make this tofu shop picturesque. The store was founded in 1901 as a branch of Kamo Tofu Kinki in Kiyamachi, so it has been in business for nearly 120 years. With the store’s dedication to handmade products, the beans are soaked in Nishiki's underground water to rehydrate them, and the traditional taste is preserved by not using machines.

  • soy food


It has been about 90 years since Toritoyo opened in Nishiki Market. It is a shop with a warm atmosphere run by a mother and son. The glass case in the storefront gives the impression that they specialize in poultry, but they also provide river fish. The river fish is purchased directly from Shiga Prefecture. Many of the dishes they offer are homemade, such as ayu sweetfish simmered in sweet soy sauce and moroko (a fish endemic to Lake Biwa) simmered in soy sauce. Ultimately, however, duck is most popular at this store.

  • chicken
  • deli

Sugi Honey shop

Honey is a gift of nature. Sugi Honey Shop raises bees in their own apiary in Kumamoto Prefecture and also collects honey from all over Japan. They sell pure rich honey, fruit juice blended with honey, royal jelly, propolis, the New Zealand manuka honey, which has been gaining attention in recent years for its health benefits, and more. Their lineup of honey products are loved by people of all ages.

  • Ingredients & Seasonings
  • western style sweets
  • seasoning

Ochanoko saisai

Ochanoko Saisai is a specialty store that sells chili pepper seasoning, which is a must for those who love spicy food. In particular, the “Maiko Han Hee Hee (literally, ‘Maiko scream’)” series is captivating hot spicy food lovers. Made with domestically produced habanero chili peppers, it is characterized by a hot spiciness that lingers in the mouth. In addition, there are many other specialty products such as yuzu shichimi (shichimi seven spices with yuzu citrus), black shichimi, and “Kyo-Rayu (chili oil) Furikake,” a delicious topping that makes eating rice irresistible.

  • Japanese sweets
  • seasoning


“Originally, we sold dried foods such as kelp, but my parents started tsukudani (food boiled down in soy sauce and mirin), and we have become a specialty store of kelp and tsukudani,” says the owner of Chinami. “While using high-quality kelp to make traditional products, we are also promoting kelp for a new audience with our creative original tsukudani, represented by our signature product ‘Oyajinakase.’ We strive to maintain a balance between tradition and innovation while always remembering the tradition of kelp-using cuisine.”

  • tsukudani
  • delicacy
  • dry foods


Takakuraya is located two doors down from the pickle shop Nishiki Takakuraya in Nishiki Market. This restaurant offers freshly cooked Koshihikari rice from Takashima City, Shiga Prefecture, hearty miso soup with a variety of ingredients, delicious pickles, and side dishes to go with rice and sake. This restaurant opens at 6:00 a.m.; you can enjoy the market atmosphere here while having breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

  • pickles
  • obanzai
  • restaurant
  • sake, whisky, beer

Ikemasa tei

Ikemasa-tei used to be a greengrocer famous for its ornamental vegetable carvings. It eventually began serving food in the back of the store and has now become a set meal restaurant during the day and an izakaya (Japanese style bar-restaurant) at night. You can enjoy Kyoto's home-style dishes, called obanzai, such as yuba soy milk skin with spinach, mizuna (Japanese mustard leaves) cooked with fried tofu skin, and steamed turnip with minced fish, at reasonable prices.

  • obanzai
  • restaurant

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