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You can tell by the color of the shop’s curtains and sign that this store has something to do with green tea. It specializes in matcha green tea sweets, especially on sweets using matcha from Uji. The first floor sells a variety of matcha sweets, and the second floor is a café, which offers a menu that includes warabimochi (bracken starch jelly), parfaits, and anmitsu (a sweet bean paste desert with agar-agar jelly, etc.). They use spring-harvested tea leaves and the grinding is done in a stone mortar right in the store for you to see.

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The demonstration sales in the storefront will make you stop in your tracks. Kyotanba sells mainly roasted chestnuts and other products from Tanba, an area northwest of Kyoto City famous for its agricultural produce, and its signature product, "Yakipon," is made with an improved version of the old-fashioned grain-puffing machine, using only carefully selected chestnuts, and roasted to a fragrant, sweet flavor. It is healthy because it is additive-free, maintaining the natural flavor. The chestnuts can be easily removed from their shells. Please enjoy the full flavor of the natural chestnuts.

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Whenever you pass by the shop, the aroma of hojicha (roasted tea), which the owner roasts day in and day out, invites you to come in. In Kyoto, hojicha is called “bancha.” The "ban" in "bancha" is the same as the "ban" in "obanzai" (home cooking), meaning "for daily use," so there is a theory that "bancha" was originally called as such because it was a tea commonly drunk in the home.

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