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Nishiki Yatai Mura

A variety of stalls are lined up selling fresh sashimi, oysters, seafood rice bowls, black wagyu beef steaks, grilled seafood, seafood tempura, and many other items.

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Nishiki Sushi Shin Main store

“We serve our finest Edomae-zushi (Tokyo-style sushi) over a counter made of a single piece of hinoki cypress wood,” they say.
“We purchase our sushi ingredients from all over Japan, especially fresh fish directly from the Sea of Japan, including Miyazu and Maizuru in Kyoto. For lunch, we offer not only sushi, but also sea bream chazuke (rice in a clear soup or tea) and fresh seafood chirashi-zushi, etc., which can be enjoyed casually. At night, we offer an omakase (“leave-it-to-us”) sushi course. Please enjoy the many kinds of sushi we offer. We carefully choose between red vinegar and white vinegar for each type of sushi.”

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“Our goal is to bring health and happiness to our customers by respecting the Japanese food culture under the theme of ‘seasonal, delicious, and mild,’” they say. “In addition to traditional pickled products such as senmaizuke sliced turnip and suguki turnip, we also offer the ‘Kyo-no-assari-zuke (light Kyoto pickels)’ series, which brings out the flavor of vegetables with less salt than usual, and the ‘Nishiri Labre’ series, which utilizes the lactic acid bacteria Lactobacillus brevis KB290, abbreviated as ‘Labre,’ discovered in suguki-turnip.”

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Nishiki Daiyasu

Founded in 1921, this shop specializing in raw oysters has been in business for about 100 years. The current owner’s great-grandfather started peddling oysters from Hiroshima by an oyster boat by the Shijo Ohashi Bridge, and later opened a shop in Nishiki Market. In addition to raw oysters, the shop offers fresh sashimi, Kyoto home-style dishes, tempura, and other dishes. The 200-year-old building has a dining area in the back, from which you can enjoy a nice view of the garden.

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Nishiki Soya

Nishiki Soya is located by the Ito Jakuchu monument at the west entrance of Nishiki Market. It sells tofu and runs a restaurant serving tofu dishes. The shop offers set meals for lunch only. You can enjoy a healthy lunch with main dishes such as tofu hamburger steak, okara soy pulp croquettes, and mapo tofu soymilk hot pot with seasonal side dishes. A wide selection of tofu, Kyo-age fried tofu skin, fried silk tofu (soft and smooth tofu), soymilk, nama-fu (raw wheat cake), hirousu (deep fried tofu mixed with vegetables, etc.), okara tofu pulp, etc. are available for purchase.

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This udon shop has been in business for over 70 years, and there is almost always a queue at lunchtime. It has been supported by local customers for many years because of its continued generous use of ingredients and time to produce delicious food. Good dashi stock is indispensable for udon in Kyoto. Using natural ingredients, their artisans carefully prepare the dashi every day.

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Nishiki Daimaru

The storefront is filled with a wide variety of fresh fish, salted and dried fish, and prepared and processed foods such as grilled fish, miso-pickled fish, and sushi. Each item looks delicious and catches the eyes of passersby on Nishiki St. The store starts preparing for the day from 6:00 a.m., and the day’s sashimi, grilled dishes such as eel and salted mackerel, and simmered dishes such as simmered sea bream head are all lined up. All of these dishes can be enjoyed at the store, as there are seats for customers to dine in.

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Nishiki Hirano

This Nishiki Market delicatessen has been in business for over 100 years, carefully preparing seasonal dishes one by one every morning. Dashi stock made from bonito and kelp is used to give the dishes a gentle and satisfying taste. The most popular item at this store is the dashimaki omelet using this dashi. You can enjoy the fluffy dashimaki in the store’s dining space.

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Kyoto-style udon noodles, Kyoto-style oden made with the same soup stock, and kushikatsu (skewered pork cutlets) are popular in this relaxed, mid-twentieth-century style space. They propose new dishes while still cherishing Kyoto ingredients such as fried tofu slices, yuba (soy milk skin), raw fu (gluten cake), and Kujo leeks. A wide selection of Kyoto's locally brewed sake is also available. This restaurant is a good place to have a quick drink during the day while satisfying your appetite.

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You can tell by the color of the shop’s curtains and sign that this store has something to do with green tea. It specializes in matcha green tea sweets, especially on sweets using matcha from Uji. The first floor sells a variety of matcha sweets, and the second floor is a café, which offers a menu that includes warabimochi (bracken starch jelly), parfaits, and anmitsu (a sweet bean paste desert with agar-agar jelly, etc.). They use spring-harvested tea leaves and the grinding is done in a stone mortar right in the store for you to see.

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