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Masugo Main store

The name “Masugo” has been passed down since they were a brewery operated in Nishikyogoku, Kyoto in the mid-Edo period (1603-1867). It was in 1930 that the company became the current manufacturer and seller of Kyoto pickles. They have three stores in Nishiki Market, and the Main Shop is large enough to offer a wide range of products from daily items to souvenirs and gifts. They are particular about ingredients and production methods, and make their pickles every day at the back of the shop.

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The owner's desire to "cherish the atmosphere of Nishiki Market" can be felt in the plaster walls and the interior using lots of wood. The shop is passionate about sourcing sweets produced in Kyoto and sells cute sweets in small portions, making it a fun experience to shop there. It is exciting just to look at the kohaku-to (confection of brightly colored, melted agar-agar), which are like jewels that you can eat. Their lineup of dry confections made with wasanbon sugar changes with the seasons.

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