Tango Table

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  • sake, whisky, beer

The name "Tango Table" comes from the name of a region in northern Kyoto Prefecture. The shop promotes tourism and products from various parts of Kyoto Prefecture, focusing on the Tango area by introducing Tango's local drinks and foods. In the shop, you can compare seven to eight kinds of craft beer brewed in Kyotango City. Sometimes, the shop holds promotional events, offering food tastings and new product presentations.

Tango Table also offers a wide variety of local sake from thirteen breweries in the Tango region. As for food, they offer items characteristic of Tango's food culture, including fermented salted mackerel, seasonal seafood such as crab from the Sea of Japan and Tango bara-zushi (a bowl of sushi rice with various toppings).

The homemade sausages made from pork from the highlands of Kyotanba and craft beer are a perfect combination.
There are eight types of craft beer with labels designed based on Shichihime densetsu, which are legends about historically prominent women passed down in Tango.

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