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“Originally, we sold dried foods such as kelp, but my parents started tsukudani (food boiled down in soy sauce and mirin), and we have become a specialty store of kelp and tsukudani,” says the owner of Chinami. “While using high-quality kelp to make traditional products, we are also promoting kelp for a new audience with our creative original tsukudani, represented by our signature product ‘Oyajinakase.’ We strive to maintain a balance between tradition and innovation while always remembering the tradition of kelp-using cuisine.”

“I am the third-generation owner. It has been more than 70 years since the company was founded by my grandfather. We have been committed to manufacturing and selling our products here in Nishiki. Some of our products are still made using recipes handed down from my grandmother.”

“The sansho tsukudani is rather salty. It is said that Kyoto people originally loved salty food (contrary to the common notion of Kyoto cuisine).”
“We will continue to pass on the carefully homemade taste so that the authentic taste will be remembered even as the times change.”

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