Masugo East

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The shop's name is derived from the sake brewing business that they operated in the mid-Edo period in Nishikyogoku, Kyoto. The current business of producing and selling Kyoto pickles began in 1930. They have three stores in Nishiki Market, and the East Shop offers a variety of tasty pickles sold in relatively small portions to meet today's demands, with portions just enough to enjoy with one meal.

"We believe in bringing out the natural flavors of the ingredients, paying particular attention to the amount of salt," they say. "We sell seasonal Kyoto pickles freshly taken out of the pickling barrels in the back of the shop."

The shop is popular among professional chefs as well as individual customers who simply enjoy having pickles with their daily meals.
Traditional Kyoto pickles such as senmaizuke (sliced turnip), suguki-turnip, and shibazuke (cucumber, etc. with purple/red shiso), as well as creative asazuke (lightly pickled vegetables) that are in line with the times, are very popular.

To everyone visiting Nishiki Market Request and information

Please refrain from walking while eating as it may cause trouble or trouble.
Please enjoy it in front of the store where you purchased it or inside the store.