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It has been about 90 years since Toritoyo opened in Nishiki Market. It is a shop with a warm atmosphere run by a mother and son. The glass case in the storefront gives the impression that they specialize in poultry, but they also provide river fish. The river fish is purchased directly from Shiga Prefecture. Many of the dishes they offer are homemade, such as ayu sweetfish simmered in sweet soy sauce and moroko (a fish endemic to Lake Biwa) simmered in soy sauce. Ultimately, however, duck is most popular at this store.

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Torisei has been selling chicken for about 110 years. The store is a long-established poultry specialty store whose popular items are duck breast and chicken thighs cut up in the morning. In the back of the store, you can always see the busy workers. It is said that a shop visited daily by many customers is able to keep its merchandise fresh and tasty, and this is truly the case at this thriving shop. Torisei is dedicated to morning-cut chicken and duck meat. They also wholesale this meat to restaurants and accept orders to ship it to other parts of the country.

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