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“Since we have a shop here at Nishiki Market, we want to demonstrate the advantages of face-to-face sales.” The shopkeeper gives customers a piece of paper with recipes on how to boil beans and other ingredients, and he also teaches how to preserve them. He also has a research-oriented side, learning various other methods of cooking and preparing that are in line with the times. He loves to talk, so you can ask him anything.

  • cereals
  • Japanese sweets


In a word, Minoyoshi is a cereal store, but that does not describe it wholly. It has beans such as black soya beans and azuki beans meant to be cooked at home. It has confectionery ingredients such as Wasanbon sugar and kanbaiko rice flour that are used in Japanese confectionery shops. It also has dried bracken fern starch and frozen konjac jelly used in kaiseki cuisine for special tea ceremonies. There are also a variety of items that, at first glance, even locals wonder what they are used for.

  • cereals
  • Japanese sweets

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Please refrain from walking while eating as it may cause trouble or trouble.
Please enjoy it in front of the store where you purchased it or inside the store.