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“Even today, we stubbornly use a stone mortar to make our surimi fish paste,” they say. “With stainless steel, the material does not stick to the edge, but with a stone mortar, the material sticks to the edge, so you have to stir it many times to get the surimi to blend. Oddly enough, that's what makes it so good. In fact, there used to be several stores in Nishiki Market that made and sold fish pastes and fried fish cakes, but this store is now the only one. We make not only fish cakes for oden (vegetables and fish cakes cooked in dashi stock) and authentic kamaboko fish cakes, but also creative fried fish cakes.”

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The surimi (minced or ground seafood) used for the fish cakes at Houkyuuan is mainly made from the highest grade of shiroguchi (silver white croaker) and itoyori (golden threadfin bream), and is grinded in a stone mortar, which is the traditional method. No flour is used. It is gluten-free.

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