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Stand-up dining Sushi Nishiki

Although it is a very small restaurant, you can enjoy authentic sushi with fresh ingredients! And it's less than half the price of high-end sushi restaurants, making it a very good value.
It is a very convenient place to stop by for Kyoto's local sake and entrées.

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Ichibachokusou Kaisendonya

In addition to sushi and kaisen-don (seafood rice bowl) using fresh ingredients from all over Japan, the Kyoto-style inari sushi and Kyoto-style tenmusu (rice ball with tempura) are also very popular. The dashimaki rolled omelet, handmade by the cooks every day, and grilled seafood such as oysters shipped directly from the producers are also exquisite.
The restaurant also sells appetizing skewers. Please enjoy them inside the restaurant.

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Nishiki Sushi Shin Main store

“We serve our finest Edomae-zushi (Tokyo-style sushi) over a counter made of a single piece of hinoki cypress wood,” they say.
“We purchase our sushi ingredients from all over Japan, especially fresh fish directly from the Sea of Japan, including Miyazu and Maizuru in Kyoto. For lunch, we offer not only sushi, but also sea bream chazuke (rice in a clear soup or tea) and fresh seafood chirashi-zushi, etc., which can be enjoyed casually. At night, we offer an omakase (“leave-it-to-us”) sushi course. Please enjoy the many kinds of sushi we offer. We carefully choose between red vinegar and white vinegar for each type of sushi.”

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To everyone visiting Nishiki Market Request and information

Please refrain from walking while eating as it may cause trouble or trouble.
Please enjoy it in front of the store where you purchased it or inside the store.