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The Touan Nishiki-koji Store is located in Nishiki Market, the "kitchen of Kyoto," affectionately known as "Nishiki" to the people of Kyoto. The store is a place where you can easily find Kyo-yaki and Kiyomizu-yaki fine ceramic pottery handmade by skilled craftspeople.

  • Tableware
  • household goods

Pulau Deco

The name of the shop reflects its main concept of creating your own island paradise in your home. “Pulau” means “island” in Indonesian. Many of the tableware and other items are imported from Bali. Japanese ceramics such as Kiyomizu-yaki and Arita-yaki are also featured.

  • Tableware
  • household goods


The husband, Yosuke, works with the potter's wheel and his wife, Chie, paints the pottery. The couple creates their pottery together and sells it at this shop. The kiln is located in the storehouse at back of the traditional Kyoto-style townhouse, known to be as long and narrow as “an eel’s bed.” The potter's wheel is located inside the shop, and if you happen to visit at the right timing, you can see the potters at work. Tasting and sales of sake by Tanzan Sake Brewery are also available at the store.

  • Tableware
  • sake, whisky, beer

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