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This udon shop has been in business for over 70 years, and there is almost always a queue at lunchtime. It has been supported by local customers for many years because of its continued generous use of ingredients and time to produce delicious food. Good dashi stock is indispensable for udon in Kyoto. Using natural ingredients, their artisans carefully prepare the dashi every day.

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Kyoto-style udon noodles, Kyoto-style oden made with the same soup stock, and kushikatsu (skewered pork cutlets) are popular in this relaxed, mid-twentieth-century style space. They propose new dishes while still cherishing Kyoto ingredients such as fried tofu slices, yuba (soy milk skin), raw fu (gluten cake), and Kujo leeks. A wide selection of Kyoto's locally brewed sake is also available. This restaurant is a good place to have a quick drink during the day while satisfying your appetite.

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