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The Touan Nishiki-koji Store is located in Nishiki Market, the "kitchen of Kyoto," affectionately known as "Nishiki" to the people of Kyoto. The store is a place where you can easily find Kyo-yaki and Kiyomizu-yaki fine ceramic pottery handmade by skilled craftspeople.

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  • household goods

Pulau Deco

The name of the shop reflects its main concept of creating your own island paradise in your home. “Pulau” means “island” in Indonesian. Many of the tableware and other items are imported from Bali. Japanese ceramics such as Kiyomizu-yaki and Arita-yaki are also featured.

  • Tableware
  • household goods


Chopsticks can be the perfect souvenir of Kyoto. It is fun to choose from among about 800 varieties with expert advice at this shop. In addition to chopsticks, the shop also has chopstick rests, Kiyomizu-yaki and Mino-yaki tableware, and Ishizuka glassware. They offer a service of engraving names, dates, and messages on chopsticks free of charge. These chopsticks will become a memorable gift.

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The husband, Yosuke, works with the potter's wheel and his wife, Chie, paints the pottery. The couple creates their pottery together and sells it at this shop. The kiln is located in the storehouse at back of the traditional Kyoto-style townhouse, known to be as long and narrow as “an eel’s bed.” The potter's wheel is located inside the shop, and if you happen to visit at the right timing, you can see the potters at work. Tasting and sales of sake by Tanzan Sake Brewery are also available at the store.

  • Tableware
  • sake, whisky, beer

Leg Yasuda

“We deal in health-related products such as socks, knee support bands, thermal undergarments, and other products made of carefully selected materials,” they say. “Our products are carefully manufactured at factories mainly in Japan to please our customers. Among our natural fiber products, our silk products are cool in summer and warm in winter, and have excellent moisture retention properties. We are particular about materials and knitting methods, and recommend products that provide the comfort that cannot be felt with synthetic fibers.”

  • household goods

Kazari Nishiki

Kazari Nishiki is a store offering seasonal Japanese goods and Western clothing with a touch of Kyoto. They offer cute crafts and recommend stylish clothing coordination to their customers.

  • household goods

SNOOPY Tea House

This store is like a paradise for Snoopy fans. The first floor of the store, converted from an old Kyoto townhouse, sells a variety of Snoopy goods. It has a take-out corner for dorayaki sweet bean paste sandwiches and soft-serve ice cream. Even these are designed with Peanuts characters. The second floor is a restaurant, where of course all the menu items are decorated with Peanuts characters.

  • Japanese sweets
  • western style sweets
  • restaurant


Hosokawa is a retailer offering clothing, hand towels, handkerchiefs, specially processed T-shirts, and even monpe (Japanese work pants). It is also the only store in Kyoto where you can buy food models. The well-made models for pudding, fruit parfait, and other foods are a marvel to look at.

  • household goods

Konnyaku Shabon

“Wow, it’s so bouncy!” People strolling along Nishiki are often surprised by the colorful, foamy soaps and stop to have a touch of the massive lump of lather. The soaps are Konnyaku Shabonn (from the French word “savon” for soap) made from the starch of konjac yam. The products were created by focusing on the ceramides and scrubbing effects of konjac. It leaves the skin moist and smooth.

  • household goods

Hashiya Mansaku

How many chopsticks are there? This store specializes in chopsticks and chopstick rests. Perhaps because of the image of Kyoto cuisine, chopsticks give a very Kyoto-like impression. Generally, most chopsticks are made of asunaro hinoki cypress, but here in Kyoto, where Nagaoka is a major bamboo production site, this shop has a full lineup of chopsticks and chopstick rests made of bamboo, as well as bamboo toothpicks and toothpick box sets.

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