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The Touan Nishiki-koji Store is located in Nishiki Market, the "kitchen of Kyoto," affectionately known as "Nishiki" to the people of Kyoto. The store is a place where you can easily find Kyo-yaki and Kiyomizu-yaki fine ceramic pottery handmade by skilled craftspeople.

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Pulau Deco

The name of the shop reflects its main concept of creating your own island paradise in your home. “Pulau” means “island” in Indonesian. Many of the tableware and other items are imported from Bali. Japanese ceramics such as Kiyomizu-yaki and Arita-yaki are also featured.

  • Tableware
  • household goods

Leg Yasuda

“We deal in health-related products such as socks, knee support bands, thermal undergarments, and other products made of carefully selected materials,” they say. “Our products are carefully manufactured at factories mainly in Japan to please our customers. Among our natural fiber products, our silk products are cool in summer and warm in winter, and have excellent moisture retention properties. We are particular about materials and knitting methods, and recommend products that provide the comfort that cannot be felt with synthetic fibers.”

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Kazari Nishiki

Kazari Nishiki is a store offering seasonal Japanese goods and Western clothing with a touch of Kyoto. They offer cute crafts and recommend stylish clothing coordination to their customers.

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Konnyaku Shabon

“Wow, it’s so bouncy!” People strolling along Nishiki are often surprised by the colorful, foamy soaps and stop to have a touch of the massive lump of lather. The soaps are Konnyaku Shabonn (from the French word “savon” for soap) made from the starch of konjac yam. The products were created by focusing on the ceramides and scrubbing effects of konjac. It leaves the skin moist and smooth.

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Hosokawa is a retailer offering clothing, hand towels, handkerchiefs, specially processed T-shirts, and even monpe (Japanese work pants). It is also the only store in Kyoto where you can buy food models. The well-made models for pudding, fruit parfait, and other foods are a marvel to look at.

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Since 1946, Ooshima has been popular as a store for everyday footwear for people working in Gion, Kiyamachi, and Ponto-cho. The first thing that catches the eye upon entering the store is the large number of geta (Japanese clogs) and zori (Japanese sandals) that are characteristic of Kyoto. Among them, takageta (high clogs) are purveyed to cooks. It is said that their original purpose was to allow cooks to adjust themselves to the height of cutting boards and cooking tables. Zori are sold wholesale to shrines and temples and stores selling priests’ robes.

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Nishiki Marun

Nishiki Marun is a shop where so many different kinds of “cuteness” gather, including cute confections and sundries, that it is impossible to describe it simply. To briefly introduce the merchandise sold in this colorful and bright store, it has colorful kompeito candy and Kyo-ame candy, original cookies made in the company's own facility, Kyoto-exclusive cosmetics, facial packs, perfumes, stick-on nails, and earrings with Japanese designs. There is also a large selection of Kyoto's local sake.

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"A stationery shop in Nishiki Market?" you may think. The family running it had been greengrocers since the Edo period (1603-1867), had opened a greengrocery store in Nishiki Market during WWII, and 30 years later, the store became a stationery shop because there was no one to take over the greengrocery business. "The slightly retro stationery is surprisingly popular," they say.

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Maisendo Nishiki branch

The store is filled with fans and Japanese goods, overflowing with a Kyoto-like atmosphere. Not only do they have fans to keep you cool in the summer, but also fans for decoration that are appreciated for celebrations and other occasions. This is a store that specializes in fans and also deals in a wide variety of Japanese sundries. The largest number of fans is stocked from spring to summer, gradually increasing their supply from around March. You may wish to have one for yourself or as a souvenir.

  • household goods

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