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Opened in the spring of 2023, this shop serves beef skewers, mainly Kobe beef, and yakitori chicken skewers with a sauce made by their special recipe. They have seating inside, so you can enjoy the freshly grilled skewers right away.

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Kumonocha Nishiki Market branch

Since the reopening of its Kiyomizu Sannenzaka branch in 2022, the Japanese tea café Kumonocha has quickly become a hot topic on social media. Under the concept of “Relaxing tea in Kyoto,” Kumonocha has opened in popular sightseeing spots in Kyoto City, including Arashiyama and Kiyomizu Temple. Their goal is to make authentic Japanese tea more accessible and enjoyable in everyday life.

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  • Cafe, Japanese and Western Confectionery

Nishiki Yatai Mura

A variety of stalls are lined up selling fresh sashimi, oysters, seafood rice bowls, black wagyu beef steaks, grilled seafood, seafood tempura, and many other items.

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Kaisen Hotate Center

Kaisen Hotate Center sells grilled seafood, skewers, seafood rice bowls, etc., mainly using fresh scallops. Please stop by.

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Tachinomidokoro Gabana

In 2016, a pickle shop in Nishiki Market with a row of pickling barrels suddenly became a standing bar. At first, the place just offered Sawaya Matsumoto junmai sake, beer, and pickles, but the idea that a standing bar is a “ford on the seashore” brought in some crazy staff from all over the place, and now it is a bar where people from all over the country come to enjoy a drink. It is a very marketplace-like bar where creatures that have continued to evolve in their respective unique ways snuggle together and drink.

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  • sake, whisky, beer

Gyokouchokusou Ryoushigoya

This “Kaisen Don" (seafood rice-bowl) and "Kaisen Yaki" (grilled seafood) restaurant uses the freshest ingredients from all over Japan. They grill and prepare the specialties of fishing ports across the country in a dynamic manner! The restaurant has a large number of seats with plenty of space. Please feel free to go in.

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Stand-up dining Sushi Nishiki

Although it is a very small restaurant, you can enjoy authentic sushi with fresh ingredients! And it's less than half the price of high-end sushi restaurants, making it a very good value.
It is a very convenient place to stop by for Kyoto's local sake and entrées.

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Takakuraya is located two doors down from the pickle shop Nishiki Takakuraya in Nishiki Market. This restaurant offers freshly cooked Koshihikari rice from Takashima City, Shiga Prefecture, hearty miso soup with a variety of ingredients, delicious pickles, and side dishes to go with rice and sake. This restaurant opens at 6:00 a.m.; you can enjoy the market atmosphere here while having breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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  • sake, whisky, beer

THE CITY BAKERY Kyoto Nishiki St.

This is a bakery from New York City. Founder Maury Rubin has a unique background as a TV producer, and his creative pretzel croissants and hot chocolate are popular. At the Kyoto Nishiki St. Shop, the bakery offers a wide variety of products every day, including fifty to sixty different kinds of breads, pastries, and cakes made by the bakers and pastry chefs’ original recipes and some are available only in Kyoto.

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Tako to Highball

When takoyaki meets “highball,”
you get this great shop
that is cheap, delicious, and fun!!
Their takoyaki (round ball of savory dough with octopus) is so tasty!
The fluffy,
hot takoyaki melting in your mouth with the thick sauce bursting with flavor is irresistible.
And you can drain it down with a “highball” (whiskey-and-soda)!
Please visit our Nishiki Market Store!

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